Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ALT Speed Attempt

What seems to be the summer of long trail record attempts, continues with another attempt on another trail by two great ultra runners.

Adam Casseday and Bradley Mongold are taking a stab at the Allegheny Trail (ALT) Speed Record starting on August 28th, and continuing on over Labor Day weekend.

They will have Live Updates beginning on August 26, which will capture the long trail experience for readers. You can check out their dedicated blog at:

Go Adam & Brad!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My license plate

Fall Events Shaping up

Things are really shaping up for the fall events!

The 26th Annual Mountain Masochist filled in 41 days back in early June and I have several wait-list entries.

The inaugural Grindstone 100 has 90 current entries with a cap of 100.  This event is going to be awesome!

If you still want to enter either event, go to and enter with a paper wait-list app for MMTR or online for Grindstone.  Do it while there is still time!!!!