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Chris Reed: 2009 MMTR race report

MMTR 50 Mile Trail Race Report

Chris Reed

Five years ago I got a hold of my first issue of Trial Runner. Within the issue was an article about the Mountain Masochist Trail Run. Like a kid looking through his new toys on Christmas Day, I paged through the magazine and read and reread the article describing the beauty and challenge of the Mountain Masochist Trail Run. In 2006 I ran my first Masochist and thought it would be my last. I thought the novelty would wear off and that I would never return to Virginia to run this race again. Boy, I was wrong. This marked the 14th time I’ve made the journey from Pennsylvania to Virginia since 2006 to run one of Virginia’s ultras. This was my 4th attempt at MMTR.

My family and I drove down to Virginia on Friday afternoon to arrive just in time for the pre-race meeting. We got to our hotel around 9:30 PM and I organized my materials for the race. The plan was for my wife, Raj, and my kids, Eshan and Zia to crew me throughout the race. When we finally went to bed, this plan was a bit tentative, as ¾’s of the Reed household was sick during the past week and we were tired from a long drive. 2:30 AM arrived and I heard Raj say “Chris, time to wake up – let’s get ready to go to the start.” I was psyched, I didn’t sleep for long, but I slept hard with no tossing and turning. We were off at 3:50 AM on our way to the Kirkley Hotel to follow the busses out to the James River Visitor Center. We got to the hotel – and guess what we forgot – the crewing directions!!! Aghh! Luckily, I printed out directions to James River Visitor Center from our hotel and luckily (very luckily) they were correct. We went back to our hotel to get the crewing instructions and then started on the journey to the start. We drove on 501 and eventually made a left onto the parkway – hey… this looks familiar, yes! It is the course and up ahead is that bright, generator-powered light that marked the start!!!

I made my final preparations and worked my way to the starting line. 30 seconds to the start, lots of hoots and hollers. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! And we are off into the darkness. I made a decision early on to run the 6-mile road section fast and I did. I ripped by aid station 2 and saw Raj and kids getting out of the car and I yelled to them that I would meet them at the next aid station. When I saw them again, I was running in 7th place and feeling great. It was really special getting to see them at the aid stations. Zia and Eshan would take turns taking my empty water bottle and getting me a full one. Raj was the crew caption (the boss). I ran bits of the first half with Jeremy Ramsey. It was fun and challenging trying to stick with him – especially on the descents.

I continued to feel strong during the first half and had my heart set on running around 3:45 for the 1st half. I knew that if I could run about 3:45, I would have a chance of breaking 7:30. I wasn’t wearing a watch, but at the 26.9 mile aid station someone told me it was 9:15 AM – which meant 3:45 – yes! I refueled and took some inspirational high-energy tunes to jam to on my ascent of Buck Mountain. I continued to feel strong and passed Jeremy and Glenn. I practiced my run/walk technique on the hills. This involves picking a point (like a particular tree) to start running and a place to stop (like a course ribbon). Run-walk-repeat. I got to the top of Buck Mountain and started jamming it to the next aid station. Before I knew it I was in the loop. I stopped briefly to adjust my waist pack and Jeremy came bolting past me. I knew I was in trouble, cause Jeremy is wicked on single track, especially on downhill. I tried to hold on as long as possible. During the loop, I had a bit of a low point and had to regroup when I came out.

The next part of the run was basically uneventful. I tried to continue going as fast as I could. At the 13th aid station, I asked a volunteer what time it was – she said 11:45 AM. Oh man, that means I have 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish in 7:30. The aid station sign says something like 41.5 miles. Well, well, lets do the math 50 minus 41.5 equals 8.5, wrong! You forgot to apply the Horton transformation! 50 minus 41.5 equals a tad less than 10 on this last section of MMTR, duh! 10 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes –not likely for me. I accepted the fact and decided to shoot for breaking 7:45. As a side note, the last 10 miles of this run is incredible. Beautiful trail with a nice layer of fall leaves swish, swishing beneath your feet – really awesome! I ran hard, but smart to the next aid station – time = 11:57 AM. Got to the last aid station and asked for the time = 12:42 PM. Certainly, no chance of a 1:00 PM finish, but maybe a 1:15 PM finish. I downed one more gel and tore down the mountain. I reached the wheeled 1 mile mark and ran hard to the finish, finishing in 7:39:32. I was very happy with my finish. I had a wonderful day in the woods and was grateful to have my family there to support me.

During the race I ate mostly Clif Gels with a couple of salted potatoes at aid stations. I alternated between Nuun and straight water. I took about 1-2 Endurolytes every other aid station. I carried one water bottle in a Nathan waste pack. I wore my new pair of Inov-8 Roclite 318 GTX shoes. These shoes worked out great. This is my first pair of Goretex shoes. My feet did not get wet and they were not hot during the run. The traction on these shoes is incredible.

Overall, I was very happy with my race. I gained the confidence to go out a little faster than I usually do, I had a great day meeting and talking with people on the trail. I hope I can come back for many more Mountain Masochists in the future.

Thanks to Dr. Clark Zealand and Dr. David Horton for making this such a great, memorable event. Also, thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers – you guys are great. And finally, thanks to my family for crewing me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Special Recognition at the 2009 MMTR

Here’s a listing of our newest finisher club inductees, those who set new age records, and updated performer lists, etc.

10-Time Finishers Club Inductees

Amy Albu

Frank Probst

15-Time Finishers Club Inductees

Donald Smith

Dink Taylor

20-Time Finishers Club Inductee

Mike Price

Age Records


Age Name Time
29 Tamsin Anstey 8:09:07
42 Annette Bednosky 8:56:46
56 Vicki Kendall 10:35:50
62 Barbara Isom 11:30:43



Age Name Time
19 Micah Scott 8:33:25
32 Gary Robbins 7:00:28
33 Geoff Roes 6:27:55
44 Glen Redpath 7:44:02
45 Valmir Nunes 7:12:17
48 Derrick Carr 8:34:14
56 Marlin Yoder 9:24:32
60 Rich Schick 9:24:32
62 Douglas Blackford 10:17:25


    Top Ten Performers-Men  
1 2009 Geoff Roes 6:27:55
2 2003 Dave Mackey 6:48:31
3 2001 Clark Zealand 6:52:11
4 2006 Eric Grossman 6:53:18
5 2004 Sean Andrish 6:56:09
6 1997 Josh Cox 6:57:10
7 2009 Lon Freeman 6:58:25
8 1996 Courtney Campbell 6:59:26
9 2005 Paul DeWitt 6:59:52
10 2009 Gary Robbins 7:00:28
    Top Ten Performers-Women  
1 2006 Nikki Kimball 7:47:05
2 2005 Anne Lundblad 7:49:48
3 2005 Annette Bednosky 7:55:52
4 2006 Jenn Shelton 7:58:11
5 2009 Tamsin Anstey 8:09:07
6 2005 Cat Phillips 8:13:15
7 2003 Bethany Hunter 8:14:47
8 2003 Jenny Capel 8:23:35
9 1994 Janice Anderson 8:27:01
10 2004 Anthea Schmid 8:27:30


MMTR Numbers Over the Years

  Starters Finishers Sub-12
1983 21 13 12
1984 41 35 32
1985 55 50 49
1986 79 65 64
1987 83 71 69
1988 132 115 115
1989 122 107 104
1990 160 135 128
1991 213 183 181
1992 181 155 150
1993 185 153 151
1994 182 152 145
1995 163 138 135
1996 145 119 118
1997 169 153 148
1998 221 175 168
1999 196 160 155
2000 193 151 147
2001 242 194 191
2002 278 244 239
2003 249 208 207
2004 262 215 214
2005 251 198 194
2006 284 232 220
2007 268 226 221
2008 229 186 183
2009 266 227 225
TOTAL 4870 4060=83% 3965=81%

Official 2009 Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50 Mile Results

The official results are now available. In a few days these results will also be available on the main eco-x site. We started 266 and finished 225 under 12 hrs = 85% finish rate.

Place Finish First Last Gender Age State
1 6:27:55! Geoff Roes Male 33 AK
2 6:58:25 Lon Freeman Male 34 CA
3 7:00:28 Gary Robbins Male 32 B.C.
4 7:12:17 Valmir Nunes Male 45 Brazil
5 7:33:33 Jeremy Ramsey Male 33 VA
6 7:39:32 Chris Reed Male 36 PA
7 7:44:02 Adam Hill Male 33 ON
8 7:44:02 Glenn Redpath Male 44 NY
9 7:55:25 Will Harlan Male 34 NC
10 8:00:40 Dink Taylor Male 44 AL
11 8:06:54 Harland Peelle Male 35 VA
12 8:07:11 Matthew Warner Male 33 VA
13 8:08:15 Clayton Rogers Male 38 DC
14 8:09:07 Tamsin Anstey Female 29 B.C.
15 8:29:24 Eric Charette Male 33 AL
16 8:33:25 Micah Scott Male 19 OH
17 8:34:14 Derrick Carr Male 48 VA
18 8:36:59 Chet White Male 34 VA
19 8:37:01 Jack Kurisky Male 42 VA
20 8:39:53 Nicola Gildersleeve Female 25 B.C.
21 8:41:39 Jay Smithberger Male 40 OH
22 8:42:38 Mark Rostan Male 40 NC
23 8:43:04 Greg Hanscom Male 37 MD
24 8:45:00 Angus Repper Male 37 PA
25 8:47:00 Heather Fisher Female 23 VA
26 8:47:10 Micah Jackson Male 29 VA
27 8:52:37 Ryan Smith Male 30 TN
28 8:54:13 Brian Mayer Male 24 VA
29 8:56:46 Annette Bednosky Female 42 NC
30 8:57:50 Chris Miller Male 35 VA
31 9:02:27 Jeffry Brower Male 51 MD
32 9:04:17 David Bolton Male 25 VA
33 9:08:08 Ginger Smith Female 39 NY
34 9:09:18 Lew Mcgrath Male 47 WV
35 9:12:29 Jon Elmore Male 43 AL
36 9:13:06 Horacio Ruiz Male 44 NY
37 9:14:48 Mike Jones Male 28 VA
38 9:16:34 Thomas Boyd Male 37 GA
39 9:17:17 Aaron Mulder Male 34 PA
40 9:17:43 Stephan Dobson Male 48 MD
41 9:18:37 John Cassilly Male 42 VA
42 9:21:42 Byron Backer Male 45 SC
43 9:21:42 Frank Gonzalez Male 33 VA
44 9:24:32 Rich Schick Male 60 GA
45 9:24:32 Marlin Yoder Male 56 VA
46 9:27:08 Sean Blanton Male 23 GA
47 9:29:19 Kevin Townsend Male 36 VA
48 9:29:39 Malcom Lester Male 42 DC
49 9:29:50 Justine Morrison Female 29 DC
50 9:30:37 Dave Krause Male 48 PA
51 9:30:46 Eric Fritz Male 42 AL
52 9:31:39 Kyle Klingman Male 33 IA
53 9:31:39 Alyssa Wildeboer Female 30 CO
54 9:33:50 Marc Griffin Male 33 VA
55 9:36:09 Kendall Hommel Female 26 VA
56 9:36:31 Donna Utakis Female 41 MA
57 9:37:15 Michael Pflieger Male 35 VA
58 9:38:50 D.c. Lucchesi Male 42 NC
59 9:41:09 Jack Kilislian Male 39 TN
60 9:41:45 Dennis Norris Male 45 NC
61 9:42:59 David Drach Male 53 NH
62 9:45:25 Jared Hesse Male 33 VA
63 9:45:25 David Snipes Male 42 VA
64 9:46:49 Melinda Yelton Female 43 NC
65 9:48:50 Brent Boyle Male 36 GA
66 9:49:15 Neal Bryant Male 39 VA
67 9:51:51 Silke Koester Female 26 NY
68 9:56:02 Mike Bailey Male 28 VA
69 9:57:42 Herman Richards Male 56 NJ
70 9:59:11 Donald Smith Male 51 VA
71 10:01:49 Jesse Power Male 29 FL
72 10:04:48 Alisa Springman Female 35 PA
73 10:06:28 Gregory Dykes Male 34 OH
74 10:06:28 Brian Seegert Male 43 WI
75 10:06:28 Julie Treder Female 33 WI
76 10:07:35 Joseph Shearer Male 23 OH
77 10:08:11 Will Jorgensen Male 50 TN
78 10:09:26 Kathleen Cusick Female 34 TN
79 10:15:23 Jarett Tighe Male 42 VA
80 10:16:39 Donna Elder Female 46 VA
81 10:17:25 Douglas Blackford Male 62 NC
82 10:18:02 Martha Wright Female 48 VA
83 10:21:39 Ed Duval Male 51 VA
84 10:22:51 Christopher Calfee Male 42 VA
85 10:24:00 Jaime Azuaje Male 22 VA
86 10:25:40 Rick Gray Male 48 TN
87 10:26:16 Mike Price Male 59 GA
88 10:27:19 Guy Willey Male 35 IA
89 10:28:30 Joe Sauerbrey Male 30 VA
90 10:28:34 Ling Dao Male 32 VA
91 10:28:53 Amy Albu Female 33 VA
92 10:29:10 James Vogltanz Male 38 VA
93 10:30:20 Frank Probst Male 66 VA
94 10:32:04 Dennis Bridges Male 53 MD
95 10:33:30 Brock Webb Male 33 VA
96 10:34:06 Ruthann Helfrick Female 42 PA
97 10:34:08 Betsy Chew Female 38 NC
98 10:35:00 Lisa Madden Female 36 NY
99 10:35:50 Vicki Kendall Female 56 VA
100 10:37:02 Benjamin Taylor Male 21 AL
101 10:37:50 Konrad Gannon Male 43 NC
102 10:39:00 Michael Jaschob Male 30 CA
103 10:39:20 Kevin Ayres Male 33 GA
104 10:39:44 Christopher Mortensen Male 28 PA
105 10:40:20 Clinton Thompson Male 33 DC
106 10:40:50 Dan Cagle Male 31 VA
107 10:41:40 Jeff Mallach Male 49 WI
108 10:42:24 Stephanie Wilson Female 44 VA
109 10:44:02 Blake Edmondson Male 26 VA
110 10:44:40 Bruce Tanksley Male 50 TN
111 10:45:08 Jonathan Miller Male 39 VA
112 10:47:42 John Teed Male 44 NC
113 10:48:53 Adam Eidson Male 35 VA
114 10:49:15 Chad Kibler Male 37 VA
115 10:49:30 Robert Hagan Male 42 VA
116 10:49:50 Brad Fogleman Male 21 NC
117 10:49:53 Ashley Funderburk Female 32 NC
118 10:50:15 Dan Lehmann Male 59 WV
119 10:51:10 Michael Stratton Male 25 VA
120 10:52:00 Paul Carrasco Male 39 TN
121 10:53:42 Scott Martin Male 48 NY
122 10:56:25 Scott Mcculloch Male 37 NC
123 10:57:03 Mark McCaslin Male 40 MI
124 10:57:05 Mark Henry Male 22 VA
125 10:57:40 Jennifer Kimble Female 38 TX
126 10:57:41 Mike Broderick Male 53 MD
127 10:58:10 Scott Wait Male 35 AZ
128 10:58:57 Scott Taylor Male 20 VA
129 10:58:58 Jeromy Gallant Male 26 VA
130 10:59:40 Lew Upchurch Male 40 NC
131 11:00:09 Jennifer Ennis Female 40 NC
132 11:00:11 Bill Vickery Male 39 VA
133 11:00:50 Stephen Cooper Male 55 MD
134 11:02:34 Michael Mitchell Male 53 VA
135 11:02:55 Jim Harrison Male 51 VA
136 11:03:30 Michael Dunlop Male 40 VA
137 11:03:37 David Robertson Male 57 VA
138 11:05:19 Suzie Spangler Female 39 MD
139 11:05:23 Carter Swamp` Male 34 VA
140 11:06:27 John Cooper Male 54 VA
141 11:06:48 Patrick Torrey Male 38 PA
142 11:07:20 Steven DeSantis Male 48 VA
143 11:08:10 Eric Fogleman Male 49 NC
144 11:08:34 Jim McIntosh Male 56 FL
145 11:09:45 Robyn Burgess Female 23 VA
146 11:12:50 Robert Dolan Male 43 VA
147 11:13:17 Margie Hughes Female 47 DE
148 11:13:35 Elizabeth Minnick Female 29 VA
149 11:13:50 Marianna Inslee Female 44 VA
150 11:14:10 Darvey Bressi Male 34 PA
151 11:15:53 Shawn Krause Male 30 MD
152 11:16:45 Jeff Vinosky Male 20 PA
153 11:16:46 Sean Humphrey Male 35 OH
154 11:18:10 Bob Anderson Male 63 VA
155 11:19:20 Tommy Field Male 41 VA
156 11:19:20 Richard Michael Male 37 VA
157 11:19:20 Travis Wingfield Male 32 VA
158 11:20:00 Jeff Mcgonnell Male 49 NC
159 11:20:33 Ed Marsh Male 62 NC
160 11:20:55 Nichole Sherman Female 20 MA
161 11:21:03 Peter Minde Male 52 NJ
162 11:21:14 Kristopher Schulte Male 30 VA
163 11:21:20 Rebecca Phalen Female 37 VA
164 11:21:30 William Tolbert Male 40 VA
165 11:21:46 Greg Myers Male 45 GA
166 11:22:53 Nick Derenzis Male 31 VA
167 11:24:20 Daren Marceau Male 48 NC
168 11:24:20 Lisa Mcfadden Female 35 NC
169 11:25:02 Kevin Vioral Male 39 VA
170 11:25:07 Aron Kolosik Male 34 OH
171 11:25:22 Todd Foster Male 38 VA
172 11:25:27 Geoffrey Baker Male 51 MD
173 11:26:25 Carter Wiecking Female 39 VA
174 11:26:30 Thomas Green Male 59 MD
175 11:27:00 Joey Licata Male 27 VA
176 11:27:20 Steven David Male 48 MD
177 11:27:55 Ted Diss Male 46 VA
178 11:27:57 Jill Devereux Female 43 VA
179 11:28:17 Bill Turrentine Male 61 VA
180 11:28:30 Jonathan Basham Male 32 PA
181 11:28:30 Andy Thompson Male 33 NH
182 11:28:30 Travis Wildeboer Male 30 CO
183 11:28:50 Brian Trinkle Male 47 GA
184 11:28:57 Allyn Sutton Female 45 MD
185 11:30:00 David Main Male 47 VA
186 11:30:18 Eric Houser Male 39 OH
187 11:30:43 Barbara Isom Female 62 VA
188 11:32:00 George Hollerbach Male 54 PA
189 11:32:00 Jose Suarez Male 47 CT
190 11:33:36 Melissa Schmitt Female 34 OH
191 11:34:06 Mark Mckennett Male 31 MD
192 11:34:27 Kimani Long Male 35 NC
193 11:35:27 Walter Crenshaw Male 31 VA
194 11:35:27 Michael George Male 56 VA
195 11:35:31 Gordon Thomson Male 51 VA
196 11:36:13 Mackenzie Prandi Female 30 VA
197 11:36:47 Tim Luft Male 37 WI
198 11:37:48 Bert Horsley Male 31 VA
199 11:38:38 Bedford Boyce Male 37 NC
200 11:39:25 Steven Brown Male 41 VA
201 11:39:39 Dave Martula Male 64 MA
202 11:40:09 Angela Barbera Female 49 WI
203 11:40:35 Farouk Elkassed Male 60 VA
204 11:40:44 Matt Baker Male 28 VA
205 11:41:52 Deb Vomhof Female 47 WI
206 11:42:10 Joey Butler Male 41 AL
207 11:42:38 John Price Male 55 VA
208 11:43:15 Steve Michael Male 59 GA
209 11:44:10 Justus Stull Male 31 VA
210 11:45:15 Tom Simonds Male 54 VA
211 11:46:28 Alicia Taylor Female 30 MI
212 11:46:50 Dorothy Hunter Female 36 NC
213 11:46:56 Mike Groth Male 41 MD
214 11:47:47 Alyce Fernebok Female 35 VA
215 11:48:32 David Moore Male 51 NC
216 11:49:15 Pedro Soto Male 31 PA
217 11:49:25 Brenda Carawan Female 32 VA
218 11:50:00 Janice Heltibridle Female 51 VA
219 11:50:20 Scott Carson Male 35 VA
220 11:50:20 Russ Gray Male 42 WV
221 11:52:18 Eva Van Stratum Female 50 PA
222 11:52:50 Mark Persinger Male 36 WV
223 11:54:30 Brad Lowery Male 34 VA
224 11:54:42 Elaine Stypula Female 44 MI
225 11:56:55 Jon Hayden Male 41 NC
226 12:00:33 Christopher Redman Male 41 TN
227 12:04:10 Peter Mclaughlin Male 47 DE

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chris Reed: 2009 Grindstone race report

Grindstone 100 Miler 2009 Race Report

Chris Reed

Take a close look at these two women. Somehow they thought it would be a good idea to drive up and down Virginia Mountains on back roads and forest service roads for almost a full 24hours without sleep. And I am grateful for it. You are looking at endurance athletes in there own right – Rajika (Raj) Reed and Rebecca Nordby. They were my crew for the Grindstone 100 Mile Endurance Race that took place on Oct 2-4, 2009. They met me at every aid station and supplied me with food, water, and mega-amounts of encouragement. Without them, I could not have run the race I ran!



I would also like to thank my dad and mom, Jeff and Marilen Reed, my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, Godfrey and Rose Draviam. They have offered continuous support in my running pursuits. Thanks to Kirsten Ferry, MaryAnn Lambert, Wendy Pristash and all the faculty and staff at Brandywine Heights High School in Pennsylvania. These people followed the race online and provided an awesome collection of goodies for my family and me for race weekend. Thank you guys. Also, thanks to my family and friends who continue to take in interest in these races. All of you provide a great support system for me and I really count on it when I am feeling low during a race.

Thanks to Dr. Clark Zealand for putting on Grindstone and thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers. It is really a great time. I think I am hooked!

Before the Start

Raj and I arrived in Northern Virginia on Thursday night and I got a decent night of sleep. The next day we arrived at Camp Shenandoah just in time for the pre-race meeting. Things seemed a bit more subdued compared to the pre-race meeting last year and there was an emphasis on general strategies to stay on course, which was appreciated. After the meeting, I said hello to friends and started to organize my gear and drop bag. A focus this year for me was to get in and out of aid stations more swiftly. I prepped Raj and Rebecca for what I wanted at aid stations. Basically for every crew access point I wanted 2 new water bottles (1 – water, 1 – electrolyte drink), a new headlamp with fresh batteries, 4 gels, and solid food (later in the race).



Before I knew it, we were lining up at the starting line. It didn’t feel like I was ready to run and I began to feel like I wasn’t cut out for this. Wow, has this race started yet?



0 – 50 Miles

At 6:00 PM, Zealand Time, we were off. I got into a rhythm by about 3 miles into the race and ran with Adam Cassidy. It was nice to catch up with him and trade stories about running and training. After hitting the 1st aid station we were eventually dumped onto a wide forest service road which led to the summit of Eliot Knob. About 2/3’s of the way up this steep road, we literally ran into a cloud. When we got to the top, I couldn’t find where the orienteering punch was. Luckily I was close to a Barkley veteran who found it quickly. This must be old hat for Barkley runners, don’t they run most of the race in fog? I punched in and then I was back down the mountain and onto North Mountain Trail. This trail is a gradual descent with some nasty loose rock sections. On this section, I jammed my foot in between two rocks and irritated the inside of my big left tow joint – it hurt for about 3 miles, but then subsided. During this section Todd Walker and Bill Huggins came flying by me. For the next 10 miles I tried to stay close to this group. I finally got caught up to them about 1.5 miles before Dowells Draft Aid Station. I was glad to be running with them because the next section was the “bear leg” and I thought it would be nice to run in a group. No bear sighting here, but lots of bear poop. I ended up running with Todd most of this section. I would lead on the climbs and then Todd would tear it up on the descents. For the remaining portion of the 1st 50, I felt pretty low in terms of fatigue and muscle tightness. I started to feel better about 2 miles before the Reddish Knob Aid Station. Making the last portion of the climb to the aid station fun. We ran into another cloud and the visibility was about 5-10 feet. If I was on a trail at that point, it would have been very difficult to navigate. However, the wide Forest Service Road kept me on track. I met Raj and Rebecca at Briery Branch and dropped my pack to ascend to Gnashing Knob. I was feeling pretty good and glad to be getting to the halfway point. I stopped at Gnashing Knob briefly and ate and drank and was back down to Briery Branch.

50 – 100 Miles

I was still feeling good and glad to see Raj and Rebecca again. My plan was to take a short break and drink some soup and coffee. I was so excited to take a break and chat with the all-nighters, that I sat down in what I thought was a chair they had set up for me – ha! It was another runner’s with all of their supplies neatly laid out next to the comfy chair. I got up immediately when I realized it was meant for another runner and had a good laugh at myself. Thanks to the other runner’s crew for being patient with me! Rebecca saw how much I liked the chair and set up one that we brought along for me. I was in a great place and ready to work on the 2nd half of the race. I downed the soup and coffee that we made back at Camp Shenandoah and was off again.



Several miles before Little Bald Knob, Todd caught up with me. We ran together and really started to move when we hit the trail section coming down Grindstone Mountain. Dawn was finally breaking and I was really feeling strong, just like I did last year on this section. I met Raj and Rebecca again at North River Gap, refueled, got some tunes, and left. On the ascent of Lookout Mountain I spotted Mike and eventually caught up with him. After passing Mike, I kept thinking that Todd and Mike would eventually catch me. At the remaining four aid stations, I kept looking back, fully expecting them to be a minute or so behind me. I had this feeling until the very end. After I met Raj and Rebecca, I got back on the trail and they left for the next aid station. So, we really didn’t know what the race was looking like behind me. At Falls Hollow, I refueled for the last time, dropped my waste pack and took a handheld. Raj told me “Chris, you gotta move” and sent me out on the last 5.18 miles. Let me tell you, this 5.18 miles did not seem like 5.18 miles. There seemed to be some serious time dilation going on here! Even though this section went on forever, I focused on moving as fast as I could and enjoyed being out in the woods running.

I finally got to the wheeled 1-mile mark and ran a fast last mile in remembrance of my last mile at Grindstone 2008 (I must have run a sub-6 mile last year). Got back to Camp Shenandoah, ran through the finish and proudly hugged the totem pole.



Gear I Used, Food I Ate, Stuff I Learned

During the night, I wore a long sleeve technical shirt and a new pair of Patagonia Ultra shorts that I received for finishing this year’s CMMM 50 Miler. The shorts are very nice with lots of pocket space to stash Gels, wrappers, etc. I changed into a short sleeve technical shirt in the morning. I wore a pair of Montrail Mountain Masochists for the entire run. I like these shoes, however, I find I really have to cinch them up so that my foot doesn’t creep forward during descents. The balls of my feet took a beating during this run and I wonder if the extreme tightness of the laces contributed to this. I wore a GoLite HydroSwift waist pack. This waste pack has two bottles, a large back pocket and two side pockets, which are easily accessible. I really like this pack as it fits nicely and there tends to be no bounce. Once you put the pack on, there are two straps over the water bottles that can be tightened to hug the water bottles to your hips. A really great pack! I look forward to trying out some of the other packs GoLite has to offer. For headlamps, I used Princeton Tec Fuel headlamps and the Apex. I stowed an extra Fuel headlamp in my pack, as well as, extra batteries. At each aid station, I would swap my headlamp with another that had fresh batteries.

I did not wear a timepiece or GPS during Grindstone, nor during CMMM 50 miler in August. My Garmin 305 stopped working during mid-summer, so I started running without a watch and heart rate monitor. I really like running without it. My current feeling about the GPS/HRM for me is that if I am not going as fast as I want to, the tool is just a constant reminder of how I am failing to run fast. Now, I just go by how my body feels. When I remember, I ask aid station volunteers what time it is. I plan to keep experimenting watchless for my next several ultras.

For the 1st 50 miles I stuck mainly to Clif Gels. At each aid station, I would take a bottle of water and a bottle of electrolyte drink. At Briery Branch on the way back I had soup, coffee, and took 2 individually wrapped turkey & cheese wraps. At every aid station with crew access until the end, I took 1-2 turkey/cheese wraps and several slices of pear. The pear, wraps, and soup seem to really work well for me. I plan to continue eating these during long ultras.

Overall, I was very happy with the race. I met my goals and had a great time and got to socialize with runners on the trail. If I could have changed any part of my race it would be on my ascent to Elliot’s Knob. I ran the entire thing, which was probably not an energy efficient way to get up there! My preparation for the race included 5 weeks at 70+ miles with a 50 mile race 4 weeks out and a session of short, but very rugged & mountainous back-to-back runs. I also had 3 “tempo-type” runs I did during the month of September. Time-wise and from an injury prevention perspective, it is really hard to fit in more volume, but I wonder how 90-100 miles weeks would affect my performance? I have been fortunate and have healed nicely from Grindstone, now I am back in training for MMTR. I have unfinished business to handle on the backside of that course!

Jared Hesse: 2009 Grindstone race report

Grindstone 100

Jared Hesse

Race Report 10/2/2009

I would first like to thank God for blessing me with the good health that made it possible for me to attempt and finish my first 100 Miler. I do not take my health for granted. There are many people with physical ailments who would love to celebrate their health as I have been able to do. Only through God’s grace was I able to train and prepare for something so demanding as the Grindstone 100.

Much gratitude goes to Clark and everyone involved in putting this event together. Your time and energy spent in making this such an awesome race is very much appreciated. I know we runners sometimes forget to thank you as we rush through your aid stations, but we do realize the event does not happen without the hard working volunteers.

To my pacers who supported me before, during, and after the race, thank you Micah and Jeremy. I never had a pacer in a race and therefore never understood or appreciated the importance in a one hundred mile event. Having those guys with me reminding me to eat and hydrate was huge. So many times I wanted to stop eating but their presence the second half of the race was awesome. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation to help me accomplish the biggest feat in my athletic career.

Thank you, Donna Elder and David Horton, for your support. It seemed like Donna was at every aid station smiling at me and reminding me that this was fun (?) I always appreciate Horton kicking me in the butt and reminding me that I was “second woman.” That’s always been a huge motivation for me as I have never ran an ultra where I beat all the women. Maybe one day I’ll be first “woman” as Horton says. All jokes aside, Horton has taught me the importance of setting goals and achieving them. His advice and wise counsel helped me become the ultra runner I am. He’s my free coach I guess.

Lastly I want to thank my Dad for being there for me. I think he was more nervous going into the race than I was. Having a son myself gives me a new perspective on what it would be like to see my son achieve his goals and dreams. I can’t explain how good it feels to make my dad proud of me. That’s so cool to be able to experience that day with him. Despite him manning two aid stations in the race, he seemed to be waiting for me at several of the late aid stops. That’s got to be hard watching your son fight through the pain. Does a father want to throw in the towel for his son or does he push him to more pain and suffering? That’s a tough question. Even though he wasn’t with me physically for the whole race, he was with me in spirit. He knew what I was experiencing, and I knew he was cheering and supporting me with his prayers. Thanks Dad! Good times!

I was pretty pumped up walking to the start line. We had a few minutes to soak it all in as Clark prayed and gave some last announcements. I looked back at the pack of runners and remember thinking, these people are crazy too. Surprisingly the pack went out fast and it didn’t take long before I was telling myself to back off the pace. Mario and I settled into a nice stride going into the first aid station. We were having fun running into the darkness and my dad was at the first aid station. He told me to take it easy early in the race and he would see me at Reddish Knob (mile 48).

I could feel myself getting sucked out with the leaders as Donna Utakis and I were running together for a section going into Dowell’s Draft. She was leaving me on the uphills and I would pass her on the downs. I wasn’t running my race but was working too hard and running the down hills too recklessly. All of a sudden I was flat on my back looking up at the bright harvest moon. I had tripped over a rock, fell on my right shoulder, rolled on to my back, and fortunately landed on dirt. I checked myself over and was relieved I only had a cut on my knee and some soreness in my shoulder. This fall became my wake up call realizing my race must change from running wild and careless to becoming more careful and conservative if I was going to finish. I let Donna disappear into the darkness ahead and began to settle into a comfortable pace. I thought how stupid I would have felt if I had hurt my right arm since I am a barber by profession. Coming home with a broken arm would have been tragic, but looking back on the incident amazes me that I landed in dirt instead of rocks and roots. At this point I settled on the fact that I was going to be alone in the woods all night and if I could just make it to daylight feeling good I would be okay. I knew that Micah was going to join me at the turn and that was comforting, somewhat.

I was hurting pretty bad coming into mile 36 aid station (weigh stop). I had been running with an abdominal cramp that came from working too hard early. Running down hills wildly always does that to me. I was really mad at myself for being so stupid; however, I weighed the same as at the start so I knew I had been drinking and eating well so far.

The lowest point of the race me came in the next section. My MP3 player died on me at 3:30 AM. I was 3 or 4 hours from daylight, alone in the woods, in silence. All kinds of thoughts crept into my mind as I repeatedly noticed how big and bright the moon was.

I don’t remember the exact section I was on at the time but the climbs seemed especially tough. I knew Little Bald aid station was coming up soon, but it seemed like forever. I did a lot of praying during that section. The reported eight miles to JB’s aid station at Little Bald seemed like twenty. I was asking God to give me the strength to make it to daylight. I knew if I could make it to the turn, I could survive to the finish. That eight mile section was huge for me because I walked the up hills and jogged the flats and recovered from the damage done earlier. My cramps were gone and my energy was maintaining. I could remember thanking God for the opportunity to celebrate my health while I suffered through the emotions of self pity and self doubt. As I left JB’s aid station feeling refreshed I saw an approaching light bobbing in the distance. It was the leader, Carl Meltzer. He looked focused and intense. He motivated me as I took off down the hill he was running up. I started calculating how far he was ahead of me and I was blown away. He is amazing.

It was really cold at Reddish Knob. I was glad to have my dad there to encourage me as I climbed to the peak. What an awesome view from the top! Breathtaking! I knew I would be back there soon so I didn’t stay long.

Finally I was at the turnaround where Micah and Jeremy waited for me on Gnashing Knob. Some snacks, Mountain Dew, and with my pacer in tow; I headed back for Reddish Knob. I was feeling pretty good now that the sun was rising and I was so happy to drop off my head lamp with Dad. The hot chicken noodle soup was like rocket fuel. I felt like a new man on a new day. Micah and I had fun as we talked about football in between him reminding me to eat and drink. Those thirty miles would have been very tough, maybe impossible without him.

When we finally got to Dowell’s Draft Jeremy was ready to go. He had my camel pack refilled by someone while he grabbed some food and told me to take off. I was thinking to myself, “why the rush!” As he handed me food to put in my pockets he told me I was in position to get top ten. That’s NOT what I wanted to hear because I was ready to slow down and just survive to the finish. Here he was fresh legs and well rested; talking about picking it up and catching the guy ahead.

The climb up Crawford was really tough as I nibbled on blocks and cookies all the way to the top. Jeremy continuously pushed me on with encouragement and lies. He kept telling me “this is the last climb” and then there’d be another one. It was frustrating, but it worked. I won’t mention the thoughts I was having about Jeremy through these sections. In my mind I was mad at him but I kept it to myself.

As we picked up the pace on top of Crawford I became emotional and choked up when we saw Bobby Gill limping with a walking stick. As we approached him Jeremy told me not to stop. He said he would stop and talk to him, but I offered Bobby some ibuprofen and told him I was sorry for his injury. Seeing him suffer made me realize how fortunate I was to be feeling good at eighty five miles into this monster of a course. As I ran off alone down the mountain I remember tears filling my eyes as I reflected on how bad it would feel to be so close to the finish and not make it. Once again I thanked God for getting me this far and realized how easily that could have been me walking with a stick.

Jeremy and I were rolling coming down off Elliot’s. I left him on the gravel road while he made a pit stop. He caught me at the bottom finally and told me how fast he had to run to catch up with me. This was surprisingly the high point of the race for me. I couldn’t believe how good my legs felt at mile ninety, running down hills. My quads were not sore as expected and my knees were feeling fine. I just let gravity take me down the single track to the creek and into the aid station. For me, this is what running ultras is all about; downhill single track trails, ninety miles into a hundred miler, ¼jacked up! Indescribable!

Hard work and training had paid off. I believe my constant eating and drinking led me to feel so good at this point. I have to give a lot of credit to MAX GXL. It is a natural supplement I have been using for several months. I can’t believe what it has done for my recovery during and after runs. I am convinced that the product is great for ultra runners.

Jeremy and I ran together into the last aid station. Needless to say I was ready to be done with this. I knew I had it licked but mentally, it was a tough last five miles. Jeremy finally let me hike with a stick a little but when we got to King’s Gap we picked it up again. I decided I was going to run to the finish once I got to the camp. Jeremy peeled off and let me run around the lake to the finish alone. Wow! What a feeling! I was finishing the Grindstone 100 Miler! Crossing that finish line was definitely the best and most satisfying feeling I’ve ever experienced in sports. I didn’t want that moment to end. Clark handed me my “hard to read” belt buckle and Patagonia finisher shirt and I hugged the totem pole with relief. That was a special moment there with my dad and my pacers. I looked to the sky and said “Thank you Jesus; all glory goes to Him, My Lord and Savior! (Phil 4:13).

Thinking back to that moment gives me goose bumps, but I have heard we have to find our own level of insanity as it relates to ultras. Training for a hundred was a strain on my family and caused me to question my ability to maintain my priorities. With two kids (ages five and twenty months) and a supporting wife, fitting in the long runs seemed impossible at times. I would like to thank my wife Kim for standing by me in my pursuit of these running goals; and as crazy as running ultras seem to some, Kim has been a huge encouragement to me. Although it was an amazing feeling to finish a hundred mile race, I have a hard time imagining doing another. My first priority is to keep God at the center and become the best husband and father for my family.

Monday, November 9, 2009

MMTR 2009 - Top 3 Runners Overall with Clark Zealand

DSC_1678, originally uploaded by clark_zealand.

Clark is standing at the finish of the MMTR 2009 with the top 3 overall finishers. From Left to Right, Clark Zealand, Gary Robbins (3rd), Geoff Roes (1st), Lon Freeman(2nd).

Congratulations to everyone on a great race!

MMTR 2009 - Male Winner - Geoff Roes - Course Record

A new MMTR course record was by Geoff Roes during the annual 2009 MMTR. Geoff won the race in a record time of 6:27:55. See all of Geoff's splits here.

See all our photos of Geoff's race here.

MMTR 2009 - Female Winner - Tamsin Anstey

Tamsin Anstey is the top overall female in the 2009 Mountain Masochist Trail Run. See Tamsins splits here. Congratulations on a great race and a great time - 8hrs 9mins 7 seconds.

All photos of Tamsin Anstey - FLICKR PHOTOS

MMTR 2009 - Photos, Videos and Full Results

MMTR 2009 Results -

MMTR 2009 Photos - Flickr Photos
MMTR 2009 Videos - YouTube Videos

Audio Update - End of Race (November 7th, 2009) Clark Zealand

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New videos posted

Check more videos on Eco-X Youtube Channel.

First women...

Tamsin Anstey just passed crossed aid station 14 (Slat Log Gap - 41miles from start) with a time of 6h35min. She is leading the ladies on the 26th MMTR race.

Race Report Audio Update Clark Zealand

Audio Update Aid Station #2 Clark Zealand

Around halfway through the race....

We're now at the beautiful aid station 10 (Long Mnt Side) and the first 5 runners just passed it. It's been about 3:30min of race time and the competition between the top 4 racers is very heated with the following times:

Geoff Roes - 3h27m
Gary Robbins - 3h29m
Lon Freeman - 3h30m
Valmir Nunes - 3h32m

Click here to see the live stats page.

Tech Team.

First photos

Race Start photos now -

Race Start MMTR50 2009 - Audio Update Clark Zealand

Race is on the way!

Race just started right on time! Everything is shaping up to a great race today.

Keep following the blog here, the live status page on, our youtube channel for videos, Twitter updates, and our flickr page for photos during the race.

See you around,

Eco-X Tech Team.

Tech Team Getting Ready

Eco-Xsports Tech team getting ready for this morning. We will have a team of 7 guys broke into 3 smaller teams. We hope to get coverage at Aid Stations #2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14 and the finish, but no promises up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We have some new technology we are trying out this year with 1 of the teams, hopefully that will allow us to get you some more information, more reliably. Please be patient as we are in very remote areas with very limited resources at our fingertips.

Well, we'll get you an update as soon as we can.

Monday, November 2, 2009

2009 Mountain Masochist 50 Miler Seedings!!!

Courtesy of David Horton, here are the seedings for this year’s race!  It’s gonna be a great one!

Bib # Last Name First Name Gender Age Location
1 Nunes Valmir Male 45 Brazil
2 Roes Geoff Male 33 AK
3 Robbins Gary Male 32 B.C.
4 Ramsey Jeremy Male 33 VA
5 Freeman Lon Male 34 CA
6 Harlan Will Male 34 NC
7 Redpath Glen Male 44 NY
8 Reed Chris Male 36 PA
9 Taylor Dink Male 44 PA
10 Charette Eric Male 33 AL
11 Backer Byron Male 45 SC
12 Schuster Michael Male 36 VA
13 Cassilly John Male 42 VA
14 Gill Bobby Male 25 MD
15 Warner Matthew Male 33 VA
16 Clarke Christopher Male 24 VA
17 Hesse Jared Male 33 VA
18 Jackson Micah Male 29 VA
19 White Chet Male 34 VA
20 Earl Andy Male 25 PA
21 Peelle Harland Male 35 VA
22 Horsley Bert Male 31 VA
23 Thompson Andy Male 33 NH
24 Wildeboer Travis Male 30 CO
25 Azuaje Jaime Male 22 VA
26 Scott Micah Male 19 OH
27 Green Thomas Male 59 MD
28 Bath Eric Male 35 NC
29 Boyd Thomas Male 37 GA
30 Carrasco Paul Male 39 TN
31 Davis Bernie Male 72 WV
32 Diak Peter Male 31 MD
33 Dykes Gregory Male 34 OH
34 Edmondson Blake Male 26 VA
35 Hoffman John Male 47 VA
36 Howell Randy Male 34 MD
37 Jaschob Michael Male 30 CA
38 Johnson Mark Male 41 PA
39 Laslie Dan Male 53 VA
40 Lester Malcom Male 42 DC
41 Licata Joey Male 27 VA
42 Marsh Ed Male 62 NC
43 Martula Dave Male 64 MA
44 McCaslin Mark Male 40 MI
45 McIntosh Jim Male 56 FL
46 Ogden Tim Male 37 VA
47 Persinger Mark Male 36 WV
48 Redman Christopher Male 41 TN
49 Sauerbrey Joe Male 30 VA
50 Schick Rich Male 60 GA
51 Smith Donald Male 51 VA
52 Suarez Jose Male 47 CT
53 Thomson Gordon Male 51 VA
54 Tolbert William Male 40 VA
55 Wood Joe Male 44 VA
56 Yoder Marlin Male 56 VA
57 Aghdam Dan Male 41 VA
58 Anderson Bob Male 63 VA
59 Ayres Kevin Male 33 GA
60 Bailey Mike Male 28 VA
61 Baker Geoffrey Male 51 MD
62 Baker Matt Male 28 VA
63 Bartine Hunt Male 56 PA
64 Blackford Douglas Male 62 NC
65 Blanton Sean Male 23 GA
66 Bohlander Jonathan Male 33 GA
67 Bolton David Male 25 VA
68 Bowles Steve Male 62 VA
69 Boyce Bedford Male 37 NC
70 Boyle Brent Male 36 GA
71 Bressi Darvey Male 34 PA
72 Bridges Dennis Male 53 MD
73 Broderick Mike Male 53 MD
74 Brower Jeffry Male 51 MD
75 Brown Steven Male 41 VA
76 Buchanan Michael Male 36 CA
77 Butler Joey Male 41 AL
78 Cabell Billy Male 31 VA
79 Cagle Dan Male 37 VA
80 Calfee Christopher Male 42 VA
81 Carson Scott Male 35 VA
82 Cooper Stephen Male 55 MD
83 Cooper John Male 54 VA
84 Carr Derrick Male 48 VA
85 Crenshaw Walter Male 31 VA
86 Creveling Larry Male 57 PA
87 Dao Ling Male 32 VA
88 David Steven Male 48 MD
89 Dawkins Doug Male 57 NC
90 Derenzis Nick Male 31 VA
91 DeSantis Steven Male 48 VA
92 Diss Ted Male 46 VA
93 Dobson Stephan Male 48 MD
94 Doggett Josh Male 26 NC
95 Dolan Robert Male 43 VA
96 Drach David Male 53 NH
97 Drake Bob Male 52 OH
98 Duelge Jason Male 40 MD
99 Dunham Darin Male 40 VA
100 Bryant Neal Male 39 VA
101 Morrison Justine Female 29 DC
102 Fisher Heather Female 23 VA
103 Bednosky Annette Female 42 NC
104 Wildeboer Alyssa Female 30 CO
105 Utakis Donna Female 41 MA
106 Gildersleeve Nicola Female 25 B.C.
107 Anstey Tamsin Female 29 B.C.
108 Phalen Rebecca Female 37 VA
109 Elder Donna Female 46 VA
110 Helfrick Ruthann Female 42 PA
111 Mcfadden Lisa Female 35 NC
112 Devereux Jill Female 43 VA
113 Treder Julie Female 33 WI
114 Albu Amy Female 33 VA
115 Kendall Vicki Female 56 VA
116 Hunter Dorothy Female 36 NC
117 Springman Alisa Female 35 PA
118 Cusick Kathleen Female 34 TN
119 Fernebok Alyce Female 35 VA
120 Golden Wendy Female 41 VA
121 Philips Breanda Female 35 U.K.
122 Smith Ginger Female 39 NY
123 Stypula Elaine Female 44 MI
124 Anderson Kari Female 48 VA
125 Barbera Angela Female 49 WI
126 Burgess Robyn Female 23 VA
127 Carawan Brenda Female 32 VA
128 Chew Betsy Female 38 NC
129 Ennis Jennifer Female 40 NC
130 Funderburk Ashley Female 32 NC
131 Heltibridle Janice Female 51 VA
132 Hommel Kendall Female 26 VA
133 Hughes Margie Female 47 DE
134 Inslee Marianna Female 44 VA
135 Isom Barbara Female 62 VA
136 Kayes Rebecca Female 22 VA
137 Kimble Jennifer Female 38 TX
138 Koester Silke Female 26 NY
139 Madden Lisa Female 36 NY
140 Minnick Elizabeth Female 29 VA
141 Prandi Mackenzie Female 30 VA
142 Ryan Karrie Female 41 NC
143 Schmitt Melissa Female 34 OH
144 Sherman Nichole Female 20 MA
145 Spangler Suzie Female 39 MD
146 Sutton Allyn Female 45 MD
147 Taylor Alicia Female 30 MI
148 Van Stratum Eva Female 50 PA
149 Vomhof Deb Female 47 WI
150 Weiner Robin Female 50 WV
151 Wiecking Carter Female 39 VA
152 Wilson Stephanie Female 44 VA
153 Wright Martha Female 48 VA
154 Yelton Melinda Female 43 NC
155 Dunlop Michael Male 40 VA
156 Duval Ed Male 51 VA
157 Eidson Adam Male 35 VA
158 Elam Harry Male 43 VA
159 Elkassed Farouk Male 60 VA
160 Elmore Jon Male 43 AL
161 Emch David Male 27 OH
162 Escobar Tony Male 46 VA
163 Fager Tim Male 41 PA
164 Field Tommy Male 41 VA
165 Fleming David Male 33 VA
166 Fogleman Eric Male 49 NC
167 Fogleman Brad Male 21 NC
168 Fritz Eric Male 42 AL
169 Gallant Jeromy Male 26 VA
170 Gannon Konrad Male 43 NC
171 George Michael Male 56 VA
172 Golden Kelly Male 42 VA
173 Gonzalez Frank Male 33 VA
174 Gray Rick Male 48 TN
175 Gray Russ Male 42 WV
176 Griffin Marc Male 33 VA
177 Griffiths Garth Male 47 NY
178 Groth Mike Male 41 MD
179 Hagan Robert Male 42 VA
180 Hanscom Greg Male 37 MD
181 Harrison Jim Male 51 VA
182 Hayden Jon Male 41 NC
183 Henry Mark Male 22 VA
184 Heyer Val Male 39 VA
185 Hill Adam Male 33 ON
186 Hollerbach George Male 54 PA
187 Hollerbach Jed Male 19 PA
188 Holst Gregg Male 51 PA
189 Houser Eric Male 39 OH
190 Humphrey Sean Male 35 OH
191 Jones Jim Male 50 TN
192 Jones Mike Male 28 VA
193 Jorgensen Will Male 50 TN
194 Kapitulik Eric Male 37 MA
195 Kibler Chad Male 37 VA
196 Kilislian Jack Male 39 TN
197 Kolosik Adam Male 20 IA
198 Kolosik Aron Male 34 OH
199 Krause Shawn Male 30 MD
200 Krause Dave Male 48 PA
201 Kurisky Jack Male 42 VA
202 Lehmann Dan Male 59 WV
203 Long Kimani Male 35 NC
204 Lovell Larry Male 66 VA
205 Lowery Brad Male 34 VA
206 Lucchesi D.c. Male 42 NC
207 Luft Tim Male 37 WI
208 Main David Male 47 VA
209 Mallach Jeff Male 49 WI
210 Marceau Daren Male 48 NC
211 Martin Scott Male 48 NY
212 Mattox Keith Male 48 VA
213 Mayer Brian Male 24 VA
214 Mcculloch Scott Male 37 NC
215 Mcgonnell Jeff Male 49 NC
216 Mcgrath Lew Male 47 WV
217 Mckennett Mark Male 31 MD
218 Mclaughlin Peter Male 47 DE
219 Michael Richard Male 37 VA
220 Michael Steve Male 59 GA
221 Middlesworth Scott Male 47 VA
222 Miller Jonathan Male 39 VA
223 Miller Chris Male 35 VA
224 Minde Peter Male 52 NJ
225 Mitchell Michael Male 53 VA
226 Taylor Scott Male 20 VA
227 Moore David Male 51 NC
228 Mortensen Christopher Male 28 PA
229 Mulder Aaron Male 34 PA
230 Myers Greg Male 45 GA
231 Noll Paul Male 60 PA
232 Norris Dennis Male 45 NC
233 Odonnell Tom Male 59 PA
234 O'neil Jim Male 61 VA
235 Pflieger Michael Male 35 VA
236 Pitts Marshall Male 29 NC
237 Power Jesse Male 29 FL
238 Price Mike Male 59 GA
239 Price John Male 55 VA
240 Probst Frank Male 66 VA
241 Puhak Blake Male 30 VA
242 Repper Angus Male 37 PA
243 Richards Herman Male 56 NJ
244 Ripley Tom Male 39 VA
245 Robertson David Male 57 VA
246 Rogers Clayton Male 38 DC
247 Rostan Mark Male 40 NC
248 Ruiz Horacio Male 44 NY
249 Schulte Kristopher Male 30 VA
250 Seegert Brian Male 43 WI
251 Shearer Joseph Male 23 OH
252 Simonds Tom Male 54 VA
253 Smith Ryan Male 30 TN
254 Smithberger Jay Male 40 OH
255 Snipes David Male 42 VA
256 Soto Pedro Male 31 PA
257 Steuber Fred Male 42 MI
258 Stratton Michael Male 25 VA
259 Stull Justus Male 31 VA
260 Swamp` Carter Male 34 VA
261 Tanksley Bruce Male 50 TN
262 Taylor Christian Male 36 VA
263 Taylor Benjamin Male 21 AL
264 Teed John Male 44 NC
265 Thompson Clinton Male 33 DC
266 Tietz Michael Male 23 VA
267 Tighe Jarett Male 42 VA
268 Torrey Patrick Male 38 PA
269 Townsend Kevin Male 36 VA
270 Trinkle Brian Male 47 GA
271 Turrentine Bill Male 61 VA
272 Upchurch Lew Male 40 NC
273 Vandonsel Matt Male 23 VA
274 Vickery Bill Male 39 VA
275 Vinosky Jeff Male 20 PA
276 Vioral Kevin Male 39 VA
277 Vogltanz James Male 38 VA
278 Wait Scott Male 35 AZ
279 Ward Michael Male 46 SC
280 Warren Travis Male 35 MD
281 Webb Brock Male 33 VA
282 Wheeler Kenny Male 48 WV
283 Willey Guy Male 35 IA
284 Wilson Bryan Male 44 VA
285 Wingfield Travis Male 32 VA
286 Zink Jason Male 31 NC
287 Foster Todd Male 38 VA
288 Morris Paul Male 54 NY


See you all very soon!