Monday, April 28, 2008

Bear sighting on my run!

This past Friday I saw five Black Bears on my run - it was awesome, and my first sighting in a few years.  Three were cubs, most likely less than 3 months old.  The two sows were traveling together, one in front in one in back.  The leading sow crossed the MMTR course (about half-way between Peavine Mtn and Dancing Creek aid stations, see map)

Map image

approx. 50 meters in front of me, followed closely by 3 small cubs.  At first I didn't see the second sow; I was distracted by watching the 3 cubs scurry up a tree after a sow grunted to alert them of possible danger (me).  The second sow then popped up from behind a small embankment and starred straight at me.  I calmly told them I was not there to harm them and backed up to give them more room.  After about 5 minutes, the bears moved on and I down the dirt road.  It was an awe-inspiring moment and really topped my run!

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that they weren't just big dogs? muffy