Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Horton's CDT adventure

As many of you know, this summer David Horton is going after a speed attempt on the CDT.  Horton's calculated mileage for his CDT adventure totals 2959 miles which he plans to cover in just over 69 days.  eco-x is thrilled to be blogging about this incredible journey all summer long.  The plan is to blog daily and, in addition, have some photos & videos posted by various crews.  Perhaps the most authentic piece to all this is an audio blog addition.  On occasion, Horton will call in and leave a message that will be posted in audio format so everyone reading can also listen to his own story!

Here's an example:

Cheers and stay tuned for more!


Steve Pero said...

Very cool, Clark....thanks for doing this and I will follow along all Summer.
Tell David I said best of luck!

See you at Grindstone and Hellgate,

Anonymous said...

David is being supported by Jon 'coonboy' Basham from start to finish. And coonboy is no stranger to the Trail. He has been head support on 3 long speed attempts including the current AT speed record. He also holds a very tidy 8.5 day speed record on the Colorado Trail, which coincides with the CDT through much of Colorado. So Horton is in good hands. Go get 'em boys!!