Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rough roads, rough scouting

Since they left Los Alamos, Horton & JB have been scouting out the New Mexican CDT route. 

Initially, they drove north to Cumbres Pass, CO, where David plans to arrive on June 22, and saw plenty of snow - no surprise.  Heading south towards the Mexican border they are finding out that locating the actual trail (the official CDT route) is a formidable challenge.

Here's their first little adventure:

Driving down a rough dirt road, they suddenly hit a large rock and heard a loud pop.  They thought they blew out a tire and, after looking, realized that the tire was fine but the rim was bent (David shared this story as he was standing in the garage waiting for the repairs).  After changing the tire (and accompanying rim), they continued down the road and soon came across a guy with a blown tire on his truck!  They stopped to help which was both a charitable and hospitable act given the physical condition of the driver.  David was concerned this guy might pass out on them because of the 16 empty beer cans in the back of his truck - apparently he wasn't too excited with his flat tire.

Tonight they are probably staying in Pie Town, NM and will continue southward tomorrow.

Please pray for David - he is experiencing some problems with a knee.


Krissy Moehl said...

This looks like a great place to keep track of our buddy Horty - I love the warnings about running with DHo. Very appropriate. Look forward to following this adventure and hope to join along the way.

Easy said...

Go D! We send prayers & hugs to you and JB! Thanks to Clarkie for this - can wait to hear the boys!