Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grindstone Training Run

Last weekend about 20 brave souls showed up to take a sneak-peak at the inaugural Grindstone 100 course.  The training run was over two days, starting at the official turn-around point - Briery Branch Gap. The first day finished at Dowells Draft, leaving approx. 23 miles for the second day back to the start/finish area at Camp Shenandoah.

Both Friday & Saturday evenings we ate in Staunton together and had a great time entertaining each other.  I think this training run helped us all (including myself) get a sense of the reality that we will soon experience in just 4 weeks!  Jeremy Ramsey & Steve (shock the world) Baker saw 7 bears in just 14 miles! I think there will be some interesting stories to tell after the race...

I'm really excited about this event and eager to see a year of planning come to fruition.  See you all very soon! CZ

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