Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Mountain Masochist Video - by Josh Cox

1997 MMTR winner (who also set the course record at that time in 6:57) JOSH COX, a 2:13 marathoner and former college teammate of mine put together the following video for this year's MMTR.  It's a tribute slide show highlighting all the tradition that makes MMTR so great.

Too bad Josh can't make it to MMTR this year.  He'll be in NYC for the marathon - doing his thing!  Thanks JC!


Anonymous said...

Clark and Josh,
What a great video. Boy, does that bring back some great memories. I am just glad to been a part of all 25 MMTRs. It is a very SPECIAL event. I am sure that Clark will carry on the tradtion. I look forward to being a competitor in the start of the second quarter century of masochism.
In Christ
David Horton

Rick Gray said...

What a video. As this will only be my 4th Masochist, I can certainly understand David's memories that are brought back by watching. As we never know if we will be around for the next 25 years, it is refreshing to know that at least Masochist (and other trail races)still remain, clean, pure and honest fun. Thank you Clark for continueing David's tradition. And a big thank you to Josh Cox for sharing 25 years of memories with those of us who have not been around that long. Thank you all, Rick

Speedgoat Karl said...

Yo Clark, I know you are running around at crunch time, but if you get a chance contact me offline at and go to coaching services page and get my email. I have a question for you. Masochist is gonna be a burner! -Karl