Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sabrina Moran's Grindstone Report

A 100-mile race is the perfect study break.

The Grindstone 100 fell right in the middle of midterm exam season at William & Mary, which was beautiful timing because tapering afforded me extra time to spend in the library. Yet I started the race apprehensive of all the homework time I would miss while racing, as well as…you know, the concerns associated with actually completing 100 miles. Most of my training takes place in the formidable mountain ranges of Colonial Williamsburg, so I forget what it feels like to experience an elevation change.

The Grindstone was RIDICULOUS. It was awesome and such a challenge but a seriously honest course. After about 60 miles, my quads developed a rigor mortis death grip on my femurs from breaking on the technical downhills, and my stride was reduced to baby steps. I was miserable. But every time I stopped at an aid station, the volunteers filled me up with peanut butter sandwiches and somehow re-infused me with enthusiasm for the sport. I’m so thankful for their help and for keeping me positive when I was so tired. And I was able to study for my Symbolic Logic exam while I ran:

P1: Sabrina will finish the race, or Sabrina will quit.

P2: If Sabrina finishes the race, she will be tired.

P3: If Sabrina quits, she will be frustrated.

C1: Sabrina will be tired, or she will be frustrated.

P4: Sabrina is not frustrated.

C2: Sabrina did not quit.

Conclusion 1 by Constructive Dilemma, Conclusion 2 by Modus Tollens.

The best part about this event was spending time with the other runners. The ultra world is such an amazing community, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I look forward to seeing everyone at future races. Thanks so much for making my experience at the Grindstone so much fun!

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