Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hellgate Training Run

It was really, really cold this morning as 14 of us left Bearwallow Gap.  We ran the last 22 miles of the Hellgate course.  Once we were up on the first ridge feeling the sun on our backs, it was a beautiful day.  The vistas were crystal clear.

Long story short...I feel my training is really improving but I'm concerned about a generalized, nagging soleus cramp. I think it's just a lack of training (DUH!) but I'm not sure I have the time to get it ready before Hellgate.  It feels okay while running for 3 or so hours but Hellgate will take much, much longer than that!!! 

Just keeping at it and we'll see how it goes. I have another 20+ miler planned for Monday, so that will be a good follow up test from today.

Here are some pics from the training run...

The Group.


Single file! (or so Horton says...)


Uh, Jeremy, I believe antlers grow from the top of the head...(we saw plenty of hunters today).


Krista wanted to race me to the top!


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Rick Gray said...

Looks like this run should have been called the "Hellgate Playing Run" instead of the "Hellgate Training Run". You all were having too much fun. I wish you would have taken some leaves home with you all. From the pictures, it looks like there are many remaining!!! Rick