Monday, June 15, 2009

Horton CT Training Day #2

Although conditions were rough and they didn’t make the summit of Longs Peak, it sounds as though Horton & JB are having fun!  I just got off the phone with Horty and he told me of some rough weather they encountered (listen on the audio blog below). They chose to turn around at 13,400ft, less than 1000ft from the summit in poor conditions that were gettin’ poorer…

Wrap your head around this…they covered 10.5 miles in 6hours! And these guys are good!

After thanking Peter Bakwin for his 2 days of assistance, Horton & JB are now driving to Winter Park where they’ll be tonight with Travis and Alyssa Wildeboer. BTW, Travis holds the unsupported speed record on the Superior Hiking Trail (205 miles, 4d15h20m) in May 2009. Both Travis & Alyssa have finished the Mountain Masochist Trail Run (MMTR) 50 Miler; Travis has completed it ten-times.

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