Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horton CT Training Day #5

Horty called me late last night from Ouray, CO and the heart of the San Juan Mountains! He was making me incredibly jealous. I haven’t stayed at Rick T’s house or been in Ouray since 2000 when I paced Horty the last time he ran Hardrock. His description of Yankee Boy basin and the Bear Creek trail are all exactly as I remember them – absolutely spectacular - and should be on every trail runners’ ‘bucket list’.

Before his training run yesterday afternoon, he drove women’s AT record holder (57d8h38m) Jennifer Pharr-Davis & her husband Brew to Durango and the southern terminus of the Colorado Trail. While Jennifer and Brew are northbound on the CT (no, it’s not another speed attempt), Horty mentioned how he would really like to see the southern terminus again (going southbound) and all the spectacular country there is to see along the trail. To physically see your goal can provide a very tangible impetus that remains in your memory over the course of an adventure, especially through hardship.

Listen to David’s audio blog about this part of the country and how he is currently doing:



If you are going to make an attempt to see Horty on the Colorado Trail, PLEASE EMAIL ME ANY PHOTOS YOU TAKE!

I will give you credit for any photos that are posted on the eco-x blog and they may even make it into different publications!

Thanks for your help.


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Unknown said...

It ColoraDO Horton! Not ColoraDA...

Sounds like your having a good time! I'll be following your footsteps starting my journey on September 2nd. I'll be running HR so I don't think I'll be seeing you so good luck and be safe.