Monday, June 29, 2009

LAST Horton CT Training Day

The work is over, the horse is in the barn, and David is ready to go! The last major training run was on Saturday and now David is resting (as much as Horty can) until he begins his CT adventure on Saturday, July 4.

My apologies for this delayed post but I’m now back in Virginia and will be blogging (regularly) for the Colorado Trail Speed Attempt.

Enjoy the audio blog below:


Rick Gray said...

Clark, Horton asked that we let you know whether we are listening or not. From people I have talked to, they are listening and enjoying the updates. I can tell you that I have enjoyed each one of them. I for one, certainly appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed of David's adventure. Thank you, Rick

Clark Zealand said...

Thanks Rick! We both really appreciate your comments.

Stacin Martin said...

Agree, this is great fun to track and listen to. Also, thanks for the work to put the info up.