Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 1 Horton Colorado Trail Speed Attempt – Good so far!

I just got off the phone with JB and everything is going according to plan. BTW, not only is JB an elite trail runner, Inov-8 teammate of mine, & former Colorado Trail record holder but he is an incredible crew leader. JB has this stuff down to a fine science :). Horty couldn’t be in better hands…

Travis Wildeboer (Superior Trail record holder) covered the final 16.6 mile segment of Day 1 with David and finished at Long Gulch last night at 8:46pm. They all camped at Long Gulch last night although JB mentioned it was quite chilly (David was apparently wrapped up in sweaters, a down jacket, his sleeping bag and was still freezing!). David’s appetite was not very good last night and JB is a little concerned about it but he did eat a small bowl of pasta and got to sleep by 10:00pm.

This morning David was up at 3:30am and back on the trail by 4:00. Today is the first time Horty will be up on the Continental Divide, so there is a good possibility for him to encounter some (or lots of) snow. Currently, David is on his way through Georgia Pass.

Overall, JB reports that Horty is doing quite well both phys & psych.

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Buzz said...

Thanks for the report; very glad to hear that. Colorado remains cool and wet.