Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 4 Horton CT Update – Right on Schedule

There was a possibility last night that Horty could end his 62.4 mile (with 11,000ft gain) day early. The last 6 miles included a long dirt road descent into Chalk Creek Canyon and, depending on how he was after a long day, David might have decided to leave the 6miles to the next morning – NOT!!!

David pushed on through and finished the full 62.4 miles at 11:47 last night. During a quick bedtime meal, JB extracted fluid (via syringe) from a small but deep blister and injected zinc oxide. This is David’s only ‘foot issue’ to date, so he’s doing awesome in that dept! Shortly thereafter, Horty was in bed while his crew stayed up until 2am prepping for the morning.

Everyone was up at 3:30am this morning and Horty was back on the CT around 4:19am. JB is pacing Horty for the first segment of the day which includes the gorgeous chalk cliffs (you should google it for an idea of what it looks like). I talked to both on the phone this morning and they were describing the spectacular landscapes as the sun was coming over the horizon and 52F temps – I AM SO JEALOUS!!!

Today, Horty has 50.3 miles to cover with almost 10,000ft of gain. Horty is right on schedule and doing great!


Rick Gray said...

David, We are so proud of you. Your friends are behind you, so keep going. Prayers are being answered. Rick

Unknown said...

Horty - I left you a message on the CT post at Hotel Draw road yesterday. I was up there yesterday scouting access points for my own CT adventure.

Scott Jaime

wfvickery said...

"He will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is stayed on Thee"