Friday, July 3, 2009

Horton’s last call before starting the CT

David called me this afternoon full of nervous energy – you could just sense it in his voice.  If you know Horty, you know he’s like a kid in a candy shop just about any day of the week. Well, he’s about to enter a candy superstore!!!  He is so excited; you’ll notice in his message as he mistakenly says the CDT vs. the CT.  Of course, we’re all praying that David’s experience is not the same as his time last year on the CDT but that he’ll have an amazing experience and set a new Colorado Trail record!

In the coming days, I’ll post as many updates as possible. Please be patient since the updates from JB & Horty will depend on their cell coverage and availability. Cheers, CZ

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Rick Gray said...

David, You will be beginning in about 3 1/2 hours. Tammy and I will be praying for the health and safety of yourself and your crew. Our thoughts go out to your family who are worried and miss you dearly. Rick