Saturday, June 7, 2008

CDT Day 1: Long Day, Hot Temps

Today's Mileage: 45

Time: 16:04

It was a long and hard day in the desert for David.  Earlier today, David decided to cover the originally planned 45 miles for the day, instead of the 56 he had considered. Hence, his end point for today is N.M. Hwy. 9.

For the first 29 miles of the CDT there is no 'real' trail, meaning there's no cleared treadway of any kind.  For several hours David was bushwacking through Sagebrush and Briars and commented on how 'cut-up' he is now.  The temperature soared to a high of 108 degrees and David struggled with some cramping and swollen hands for part of the day, although his knee appears to be fine.  Having no respite from the sun in that heat is a major challenge!

David was slightly 'turned-around' (since he says he's never lost!) in the last 7 miles and I had several phones calls from JB regarding his possible whereabouts. All turned out okay and they're ready for some food & rest!

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Steve@Hiker's Outpost said...


Stay WAY clear of any jumping cholla ("choya") cactus you may see. The nodules can litter the ground for several feet around the plant, and they will stick to your shoes like magnets. The spines are painful and will "jump" onto you anywhere with the very slightest contact. Use a hair comb to pull them off. NASTY!

Steve@Hiker's Outpost