Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sleeping on the Border

The following GPS coordinates will locate where JB, Neal, & David are sleeping tonight at the CDT southern terminus on the U.S./Mexican border (copy & paste in Google maps, etc):

+31° 29' 42.62", -108° 12' 31.09"

To get to the terminus, they had to drive 28 miles of very rough desert road that, in David's words, "seemed to go on & on". When they arrived around 6:00 PM, the temperature was 103 degrees.  David mentioned as they were setting up camp, several Mexican border patrols rode by in camouflaged Jeeps, with plenty of weaponry.


adventurelisa said...

Heya David,

Wishing you speed, stable footing and endurance as you undertake this massive run. I'll be following your progress with interest.

warm regards,

Lisa de Speville
SOUTH AFRICA(ran Mountain Masochist in 2004)

Steve@Hiker's Outpost said...


Thinking about and praying for you often!

Steve@Hiker's Outpost