Friday, June 6, 2008

Horton's first audio blog

Click on the player to listen to David as he prepares to head south to the Mexican border.

David is planning on covering an extra 10 miles tomorrow, which will change his first day total to 56 miles. He is making this adjustment mostly for logistical reasons as plans for the next few days.  Approximately the first 100 miles are through the Chihuahuan Desert.

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Anonymous said...


Arden Blair is my niece and she alerted me to your effort. I am a runner. In fact, I ran the White Rock Marathon with your brother-in-law, Jim Blair. I will be keeping up with you through your blog. I have a friend who lives in Chama, NM who will be contacting you and is willing to assist you while you are in that area.

Stay strong and know that a bunch of people are with you in spirit.

Becky Ryder
Hattiesburg, MS