Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horton reflects on his CDT attempt


Anonymous said...

Having a dream and acting toward fulfilling that dream is more than most people ever attempt. One definition of a successful person is that he makes a habit of doing things that unsuccessful people won't do. By our standards you are a complete success. You have no fear and do the really difficult. You fully know that if the challenges you set were easy they wouldn't be a challenge. We have kept you in our prayers and love you. God Bless you.
Rick and Nancy Hamilton

Olga said...

The only things we regret are those we didn't try. You have no fear of failure - and I respect you for that.
On a positive side, may be I'll see you at the races this year? :)

Anonymous said...

The "king," in suggesting it wasn't The King's will to have David finish the CDT, misses a critical point. The King also gave humans the capability and responsibility for "free will" which in this case would have demanded that "the king" do his homework before taking on the CDT. Scores before him had done so, and had survived and succeeded where David's failure to use his head could only lead him to failure. This wasn't The King's will -- this was David's lack of using his own. And he needs an experience like that to motivate him to see the importance of his family at home? Please...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Horton-I heard about you at work today. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain and discouragement. You have worked hard, but don't forget how blessed you are to have such a healthy body. Your health is a gift, but you must acknowledge the Giver and be reminded that He, not your body or your accomplishments, is the treasure. You have given honor and credit to the Lord in your successes, now it is time to glorify Him in your suffering.

I pray that you will now say, "I have had my share of accomplishments-God is enough."

Blessings, Sarah G

Anonymous said...

I am sad; not for Dr. Dave but for the realization that there are so many of us who fail to see the grace and power that flows through folks like Dr. Horton. There are so few .. To hear you voice and how still undaunted you sounded Dr. Horton ; just makes me weep for my weakness and my fears. You are a great example Dr. Horton and God has blessed my life for just having known of you. I will be hitting the trails here in the Blue Ridge hard this weekend in your honor and thanks again for your graceful example!!!

Rob Hunter

Anonymous said...

Dr. Horton,

I just want to encourage you with the REMINDER of the HUNDREDS of lives that you have impacted through your life and your running! Even though you have not accomplished the goal that you set out to accomplish this summer- you have accomplished so much more in the lives that have been changed through your example and motivation! I being one of them!!! God has used running more than anything else in my life to teach me about Him, grow my faith, and build amazing relationships! I am so thankful for the gift of running and I am so thankful that you are the one who introduced me to it!! Before Liberty and taking your class, I never ran more than 5 minutes in one setting! Now running is such a huge part of my life- These are the things that are ETERNALLY significant- the lives that we impact and you can be sure that you have ETERNALLY impacted my life and obviously Hundreds of others!! Keep it up!! I've registered for the mountain massochist this year so I'm sure I will be seeing more of you!!
Love in Christ, Tracy Hoare now Wu

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

Don't forget that DNF means Did Nothing Foolish. We're glad you made the decision to listen to your body.

You inspired me (Peg) to finally register for Masochist - because I don't know if I can do it. What's the fun if success is assured?

God bless,
Peggy and J.R.