Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video Clips from CDT

The following are 4 short video clips shot while at the Mexican/U.S. border and during Day 1 on the CDT. (Video by Neal Bryant)


Hagrin said...

Geez, his hands look terrible in that 4th clip. If there was even the slightest doubt as to whether or not he made the right decision, that clip sealed it for me. Continuing on in that condition, unsupported and alone with that heat and dryness would have been suicidal.

Unknown said...

I agree with hagrin...and now know why God definitely has something bigger planned for you, David.

It is also great to know that our border is a virtual impenetrable fortress.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we knew you had ugly legs before but those scratches look really nasty and the hands were just plain freaky.
You sound so much better in the updated audio clip.
I ran with Donkey this morning on the Horton Trails at LU and we were just rejoicing that you are going to be as normal as can be expected.
We can't wait to have you back to fatten you up!
Mom Ho