Thursday, October 16, 2008 I come!

Okay, so I somehow worked, weaseled, groveled my way into Hellgate, race #6 in the Beast Series.  I don't really know why other than:

1) I'm dying to run in a race again

2) Needing something formal to be on my running schedule

3) I'm 0 & 2 in 100km races.

4) I really need geographical convenience.

So, here I go.  I'm making this public to keep me going.

The 2008 Holiday Lake 50k++ was my first race in about 3 years and even though that performance was a disappointing 12th place, I felt like I was back on track with my training.

By early May I was beginning to feel like my old-racing self and had entered in Highland Sky 40.  Two weeks before the race though, I sprained my ankle...playing hockey!  It was much worse than I initially realized and ended up not running a step until late August (although I did get in some decent hiking on my Rocky Mtns tour this summer).

The ankle still is limited in its range of motion but I can run pain-free, at least I think.  I haven't been running much this fall.  I can find all kinds of excuses why - new job responsibilities, new race directing, family - you name it but the bottom line is that I haven't been running.  In September I logged less than 200 miles for the month and so far in October, I've logged less than 40 miles. All in all, since May I've ran less than 300 miles.

I have just under 2 months before I toe the line.

I plan to blog about my training here, for good or for worse, and then attempt to finish Hellgate. I'm positive I'll be a sorry sight on race day but I'm looking forward to the challenge and testing myself once again.

I'm now going for my first training run for Hellgate.

See ya,



Rick Gray said...

Clark, One thing you have forgotten is that Hellgate is a "Horton Miles" event, so actually you are 0 for 0. There are so many things to look forward to for your first Horton Miles 100k. Start at midnight (actually 12:01am), unknown weather (ice, snow, etc) and then LEAVES. All of this leaves room for thought. Your mindset is over half of the training, so you are going to be in prime shape. Rick

Gotta Run..... said...

Looking forward to following along.

MMTR is almost here :)

That mountain is mine this year.

Gotta Run..... said...

BTW - Rick is 100% correct!

Sophie Speidel said...


Be sure to check out Aaron's brilliant Hellgate report, complete with as-to-as accounts of Horton miles. Also, in my 2007 report, I included a video clip taken by Bill Potts while walking/running/falling on the Devil Trail, the section before Bearwallow Gap that is rocks covered with leaves. Very entertaining!

I am looking forward to following your training. :-)

Krissy said...

Yay Clark! Go for it man! It will feel great to be back out there and Hellgate is a special one. I'm cheering you on through the training and the race! Good luck!