Monday, February 23, 2009

Grindstone Film - The Distance

As many of you may remember, Renee Dittrich was shooting a film on location at the inaugural Grindstone 100 last fall.  Just a couple weeks ago, that film, titled THE DISTANCE, debuted at a NYU film festival.  Below are the links to its current iteration on Youtube - a longer version is in the works, possibly for other film festivals - ENJOY! 


Ch 1  A Race is About to Begin

Ch 2  Meet some of the Ultra Runners I

Ch 3  Meet some of the Ultra Runners II

Ch 4  Race Prep, Gary Pulls His Achilles, And They're Off!

Ch 5  Mile 20 First Runner Down, Winner Predictions

Ch 6  Mile 35-50  Runners are Missing, Hallucinations, Staying Awake

Ch 7  Mile 50-60 Sunrise Cruisin' in Nature

Ch 8 Mile 70-80 Exhaustion Sets In, Dropped Runners

Ch 9 Mile 95 Anyone's Race

Ch 10 Mile 100 Finish Line, Breakfast and Awards

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