Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Terrapin & Promise Land Training Runs

There are several folks interested in organized training runs for Terrapin however, it is really difficult for me to commit more time from my family in addition to the race itself - I'm sorry!

As a result, David Horton has volunteered his time to lead two training runs for Terrapin...his note follows:


Training Runs on the Terrapin Mountain course:

Click here for directions to the Sedalia Center (bottom of page).

1.  March 1, 2009:  Start at the Sedalia Center off highway 122 at 1:30 PM.   Run the Terrapin Mountain half-marathon course.   The run includes the summit of Terrapin Mountain and Fat Man’s Misery.   No aid, no course markings, just a training run and some fellowship.

2. March 22, 2009:   Start at Camping Gap at 1:30 PM: 5 miles off Highway 122 on Hunting Creek Road.   Run the right hand loop from Camping Gap of the TM 50K course ( about 12 miles ) and if you so desire, then run the left hand loop of the TM 50K course, if you so desire ( a little less than 6 miles ).    No aid, no course markings.

3. If you do all of these two runs, you will have covered the entire TM 50K course.

Training Run on the Promise Land course:

April 11: Starting at AS 1 and running the course from there throughout and back to AS 1 = 26 miles with an option to start and finish there but skipping the loop from Cornelius Creek back to Cornelius Creek = 19 miles.



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