Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 2 Horton CT Speed Attempt – Moving Great!

JB says that Horty is moving great – he’s very impressed!

Last night David and Travis arrived at the Copper Mtn trailhead at 10pm. It was a long day but David covered the 60.1 miles in 18 hours.

They then drove 20miles down the road to Frisco and stayed the night in a small motel.

This morning David was back on the trail shortly after 4am and JB reported that David started into Segment 9 at 12-noon MST today. Covering the first 25.4 miles today by noon means that Horty is maintaining his pace over some very tough terrain at high elevations.

In addition, David is eating better and overall doing very well.

JB & crew have been talking several pictures as well as some video and they hope to get that me very soon. So stay tuned for some visual aids!



annette bednosky said...

Go David Go! I didn't know you were into this! Great for you! I will root for you, follow you and send you virtual of icecream and cookies!

Anonymous said...

Go Horton! Who needs to run the "wimpy" Hardrock 100 when you can cover 480+ miles instead?!?! You're amazing! - Garett

wfvickery said...

I will be praying for you! And better yet.. I will tell my wife about your adventure and she knows how to storm heaven on your behalf. "The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you" "He is your EVER PRESENT help in times of trouble"
NurseMan Bill

Bryon Powell said...

Power to ya, Horton! Keep eating!

Rick Gray said...

David, Glad to hear you are eating better and are moving well. Rick