Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 3 Horton CT Update – Tough section

David called me while hiking on the Colorado Trail this morning. He is well into day 4 and, during our conversation, was passing twin lakes, in the Hope Pass area of Colorado. You can hear his laboured breathing in the audio blog below.

Day 3 was a hard day for David. Several sections were not as he expected; from what he had read in the guide books, they were much tougher. David started Day 3 at 4:23am and finished at 9pm last night.

He was back on the CT again this morning at 3:58am, to be exact!

David reports that although he is trying to eat as much as he can (and is doing better with the amount of intake), he continues to experience severe stomach discomfort with both food & drink. To make matters worse, he is ‘crappin’ multiple times a day – this of course is not good for nutrient & fluid absorption. Nevertheless, he is making good time on the trail and does not have any other issues to report.

We all know that Horty is “tuffer than nails”!!!!

Please pray that he’ll be able to absorb his food & fluids today.

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Rick Gray said...

David, I feel for you my friend as I sit here in the comfort of my office and listen to your discomfort. I pray for your digestion and absorption of nutrients to improve. Prayer is powerful. Things will improve. Rick